Need an experienced DJ?

Tired of boring Radio stations for your events or just want a fun experienced DJ! Then contact Bcreative Wilde.

For Scheduling:

  • Contact Bcreative Wilde in-world via note-card.
  • Contact Bcreative Wilde with a message from the website. You can access the message-page from the top-menu.
  • Send email to bcreativewilde at gmail dot com. (address is split for anti-spam purposes)

For Availability

See the current schedule on the events page.
Note: Not all dates are available. Please contact Bcreative Wilde to confirm availability.

FAQs About Events

What events can I do?

  • Regular events, contests, grand openings, etc.
  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • Got a creative idea? Hey creative is my name! Ask and I will see what I can do!

What genres of music do I play?

  • My specialties are Goth, Metal, Punk, Rock, Techno, Industrial and Horror-core.
  • By request I also do 60s, 70s and 80s events as well as other themes.
  • Seasonal Music: Halloween, Christmas, etc.
  • For weddings, romantic things and such. I will work with the couple to create a custom play list.
Special Note: Sorry no hip-hop and rap or country unless agreed upon as part of a play list for a major event/wedding.

Do you have your own stream?

Yes, I have my own up to 999 listeners. I can use your clubs stream if necessary.

What maturity level of events will you do (PG/Mature/Adult)?

I don't care either way, but I will warn you most of my music is unedited (not radio edits) so you if that offends you sorry. If you want edited music I'll need time in advance to acquire this.

What are your rates?

Keep in mind, if you are working on a budget and can not afford these rates pleas IM me. I'll try to work with you as best I can. If my rates below seem steep keep in mind you are paying for a well trained experienced and one of the oldest DJ's in SL. December 12, 2010 marks 6 years of DJing in SL.

Current Rates:
  • Regular events (Clubs, Weekly Gigs, Etc.):
    1K L$ per hour plus tips
  • Major SL Events (Weddings, Birthday Parties, SL Major Business events):
    Flat rate of 1500L$ per hour. 2 hours min. This includes working with you to create a special play-list for your day. Half payment due on booking.
  • Charity or RFL Events:
    Free of charge. I don't use a tip jar for charity events.
  • Real-life Businesses in SL:
    Pleas contact for pricing. I accept L$ or USD. If booking several times a deposit is required which will be subtracted from your total after all contracted events are complete.

What if technical difficulties occur?

In the world of technology there are bound to be issues beyond any ones control. If for some reason I become unavailable due to real-life or connection issues beyond my control (Stream issues or SL) and you have paid in advance your L$ will be refunded.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

I ask that I have more than a 24 hour notice when canceling a Major SL Event. For real-life Businesses in SL I ask that 3 days notice is given. Note deposits may or may not be returned. Bcreative Wilde will determine if refunds are to be granted based on time prepping for the event and holding the dates for the event. If rescheduling the deposit will be used toward the new date.